myMindB™ is a powerful personal data organizer or 'database' that allows you to keep large amount of textual information in a simple format while providing effective and easy to use tools to find, navigate and manage the data

  • simple yet very powerful personal data organizer
  • hierarchical editor organizes the data into a tree-like structure (as a 'list of lists')
  • fast and responsive even with very large files
  • unlimited undo/redo
  • human readable, flat file format (no proprietary binary encoding)
  • easily adjust the font size using pinch-to-zoom
  • rich tool bar provides one-tap access to the most used functionality
  • quick access to exactly what you need from a large amount of information
  • advanced search facility presents its results as a view of ALL the qualifying lines including the context in which they were found;
    it also allows further fine tuning of the result by narrowing it down or including additional lines
  • 'bread crumb' scope navigation bar allows easy movement up and down the tree structure
  • internal links provide fast access to related data
  • clickable web-links take you to any place on the web using your default browser
  • bookmarks (set and removed with a single tap) let you review and instantly move to one of the lines that you are working on or need to access most often
  • add a clickable check box to any line to create lists of tasks or to-do items, then you can quickly display all or just the 'pending' tasks
  • effortless, precise cursor positioning and text selection with the revolutionary virtual stylus 'viPen' (patent pending), which also provides support for tool-tips



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